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What charger(s) are available for the Samsung S20 FE?

(Topic created on: 07-07-2022 11:50 AM)

Hi I'd like to know

which phone chargers are the official one recommended for the Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) my model is a SM-G780F/DS. I accidently bought the wrong travel adapter that keeps overheating and does not correctly cycle through charges would now like to know what the appropiate fast charging (adaptive charging version) and travel adapter are.

Is it also possible to use this charger with 45w fast charging instead of the 25w version probably suited more for the S20 FE? Is there any downsize like faster battery degredation that comes with using a faster rated charging cycle? Does the S20 FE support faster charging cycles like that.

To reduce wear on the battery and of course to sorta iron out my rookie mistake what's the appropiate fast adaptive charger for the S20 FE the 25w version i suppose but with what model No.? And what voltage does it usually charge, when is a good time to charge at about 15% - 20% battery left or less? I know there is settings that help you identify when to charge and warn you intime I just am curious to if that's the correct time.

Best wishes