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Third Party Wireless Charger Not Fast Charging?

(Topic created on: 10-12-2020 09:06 PM)
I received a 'Nanami' wireless charger for my birthday today, as my last wireless charger had a bright blue light all the way around it which was annoying at night, so I stopped using it a few months ago. Anyways, I've plugged it in using the wire provided, and an official Samsung plug which can fast charge. However, when I put my Galaxy S20 on it, it says 'fast wireless charging' for a few seconds, before reverting to just 'wireless charging', which we all know takes too long. I thought maybe the charger is not compatable with fast wireless charging, but I have looked it up and it is (or should be). After a quick Google, I have found that a lot of people are having the same issue, and that it started after a software update in September. I have then tried my old wireless charger and that will no longer fast charge either. Someone said that Samsung have intentionally blocked fast wireless charging with third party chargers. Is this true? All I can say is that if it is, this will be my last Samsung phone, as this is absolutely discusting. Samsung - if you are trying to lose customers, blocking third party accessories in order to flog your own overpriced stuff is a fantastic way to do it. Wonder how many other people will be buying third party wireless chargers for family members with good intentions this Christmas, only for them all to find out that they don't fast charge dispite being sold a 'fast charger'.

If I am wrong here, please tell me, and help me figure our why my fast wireless charger isn't fast wireless charging.

I can confirm. I have written confirmation from Samsung that they indeed have disabled all third-party chargers for the Galaxy S22 and beyond. Will be posting soon.