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Galaxy S8 plus clearview case not locking phone

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I can close my phone's clearview cover and it displays the clock, but when i open the cover again the lock screen is not displayed, and i can after my phone without any authorisation.


I think started happening after the most recent update.


Anybody else? Is this a setting I've inadvertantly changed?


I had this problem as well, it is easily fixed. The case needs to be detected by your phone. You need to turn on NFC Near Field Communication on your phone. Then reset the phone whilst its in the new case. It will then be detected and set to work through your Advance Settings< Accessories tab. It will then realize your rocking with a Clear View and set it up automatically. Ensure you do updates on your themes and all your Samsung software. Turn on Always on Display as well. Once your phone realizes you have clearview you can turn off Always on Display and NFC to save power. You will need to go through Advanced settings to change your Clear View settings through the Accessories tab.

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