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Setting up A35 with talkback on Danish speech is lost after first reboot

(Topic created on: 2 weeks ago)
First Poster

I have huge frustrations with my new Galaxy A35, having expected that I as a totally blind user could setup the phone with talkback as documented several places online.

the problem is that this does work but it seems only if the setup language you select is English. After the first reboot then the phone and talkback will still be talking during the setup process, but when selecting Danish and probably most other nonEnglish languages, Talkback is still loaded and the UI is onl the screen, but no speech from talkback, making the last part of the setup 100 percent  inaccessible for a blind user.

This problem of Talkback not working if a speech synthesizer is not available in the currnt language used, has been happening on and off over the years, But lately this has not been an issue, I am being told by one of my friends using a Galaxy S22 that he could setup the phone both when he received it and lately when performing a reset to factory defaults.

Other  blind users report having had the same issue with various Samsung devices but as one stated, I had really expected Samsung to have fixed this bug now.

Talking to Samsung Danish support just makes my bad experience worse. They do not understand or keep asking for a Samsung member report being made from the phone that is not working.

It is obvious that the local support people at least in Denmark has absolutely know knowledge of accessibility and  nowhere to ask for qualified assistance internally at Samsung.

Finally I will get this phone reset to factory defaults most  likely when I find sighted assistant, but this is not the level of screen reader support we should expect on any device in 2024. We are not in 2004, not even with Android.