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active watch 2 issues

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Just got the active watch 2 44mm.

I had the first one for about 2 days from launch then decided to return it because after setting the heart rate monitor to continually monitor it gave incorrect readings.


So jump forward to today and tried my luck with the watch 2.


First issue, the strap length is too long for me. To get the strap to fit I need to create another notch about 2-3 notch spaces further up. Didn't have this problem with the Original Active watch.


Not sure I want to puncture a hole in the strap, done samsung provide any small straps for the 44mm?


The next issue goes back to the original active watch with the heart rate monitor.

If I take a manual reading i'm getting 62 - 69 range. If I set it to continually monitor i'm getting 115 - 130.





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