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When is samsung gonna fix this stupid galaxy watch 😑


When is Samsung actually gonna start looking after there customers instead of continually rolling out ***** I would like to know when they plan on fixing the software on this stupid galaxy watch that people pay there hard earned money for I am very unimpressed at Samsung supporting there older devices before correcting the newer ones if this isn't fixed soon il be selling this stupid galaxy watch and this s10 and never buying another Samsung product again and I will recommend to others that they don't buy Samsung products either as they seem to be substandard 

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Hello again @Chrismc08 


I see we engaged with each other in your thread Tizen-4-0-0-2-for-new-galaxy-watch.


I've been using the step counter on my Samsung Gear s3 Frontier watch paired with my Note 9 and it seems to be pretty accurate.


I've no idea why yours isn't and not aware of any software pending to specifically tackle such a bug.


I assume the watch does everything else ok such as showing the time , date along with notifications and sending texts etc !


I appreciate the function you mention not working maybe a deal breaker for some.


There are other smart watches out there to try if you wish and or go down the route you mention and move on to other phones and watches.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Date and time work correctly notifications work most of the time cant really complain about those as they only miss the odd one or two so that's not so bad but the health side of the device is horribly inaccurate the heart rate sensor constantly drops out tried changing settings as suggested no change tho floor counter is extremely inaccurate sleep recorder seems inaccurate aswell plus various issues like raise to wake being hit and miss aswell find myself having to press the button all the time to display the time and as you stated in your reply your using the older gear s3 which Samsung seem to have updated and fixed before dealing with the extremely buggy newer devices which sucks in itself as most companies support newer hardware before old and the thing that annoys me the most is Samsung ignore users and there's no communication about when updates are likely to be rolled out for any of the Samsung devices 


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Now either I have a serious problem with my heart with my rate being that high and stopping all the time or the software is no good i was active during the time I was out go karting this is just one example of the the frustration I have with the galaxy watch being so inaccurate 

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Man, I feel the same way. This Samsung Watch (46mm) has suddenly become c**p after just a few months. Terrible battery life & next to zero step tracking. I will not be recommending this watch to anyone.

Since yesterday, last update, my gear frontier S3 (Tizen has again a batterydrain. From nearly 4 days batterylife to 24 hours now!

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