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Gear S3 Heart Rate Tracking Inaccurate During Exercise

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Is anyone else having any issues with their heart rate tracking during exercise?


Mine is reading way to low most of the time (compared with a chest strap monitor linked to a Garmin watch) during exercise when using the cycling track.


Doing a one off check when not using the workout bit it seems to read fine.






Mine seems to be off too, It was not until the other day after I did the update on the phone. I don't really know what is going on. Mine is high I was doing a medium walk and it says my heart rate was at 185.

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Selected measure on my s3 frontier and it reads 88 bpm when hanging in the air ie dangling it by strap 

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Mine Gear S 3 can show 170bpm continuously when I am sitting at my desk. When I measure with my Galaxy S9+ I have at most 80bpm. I have never had such ridiculous inconsistency with my Fitbit. Thinking to return Gear S3.

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This was posted last year. Seems like Samsung doesnt give a ***** about their customers lol. new note8 wouldnt mirror on 7 series smart TV, Phone keeps opening random apps upon unlocking and my Gear S3 would show 88 bpm while my phone and elyptical Machine is right now showing 170 bpm. i was stupid enough to buy Samsung washing Machine, Microwave, Air conditioner, Mobile, TV and Watch! 4000USD down the drain. Thank you Samsung
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Mine just doesn't work when i need it to. I received the error message saying the sensor needs cleaning. Even when ive just cleaned it. Very annoying
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