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Gear S3 Battery Drain

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Battery drain at night. In the day time no problem. This problem started 3 night ago. No sleep tracking apps except Samsung Health

What can I do?


Same here started 3 days ago too, can have 90% when I wake up after 7 hours dead... 

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Me too. Too off charge at 8pm. At 10pm it's on 99% went to sleep woke up at 7am and it's on 18% anything solved this yet? 

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Samsung has to fix it. I've been dealing with this for 2-3 weeks now. Even did a factory reset; no help. All we can to is report, report, report and wait.

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Screenshot_20181021-100219_Samsung Health.jpg

 You can close unnecessary notifications and promotion thing. My s3 is normal now. Try it

Sorry for Turkish screenshot

Edit: In Samsung Health settings


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On the watch go to settings  go to about gear. Scroll down to report diagnostics and turn it off. That helped me. Back to full battery life again. Cheers 

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