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Galaxy Watch always on display not working

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When the AOD DOES work, so does the exercise and HR sensor. I got The same on my Brand New watch i bought today


Hopefully, Samsung will release an update that fixes this problem?

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I came here looking for an answer to the same problem. AOD didn't work. Lifing my arm would not bring up the display. Only rotating the bezel seemed to work. I didn't see a solution here so I got to digging into the settings and somehow I had turned on "Theater mode". Turned that off and all is now normal. Hope this may help some out there.

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This solved my issue, thanks a lot 👍


(référence to turning theatre mode off ) 

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I turned off good night mode and It is workable 

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Try turning off theatre mode.


This is annoying as stops always on working.


Found in settings. 


+Theatre mode.



Hope this helps


One of the first things I checked was all the settings, I even went into my local EE shop and got the guy in there to check.

Quick update though,  my watch can go for days behaving itself and then I get problems.

I have found that if the AOD is working and then I move the watch from my arm slightly, the AOD turns off. 

I then have to keep adjusting how it sits on my arm before it’ll work again.


I am convinced it has something to do with the sensors and how they sit on your arm.


Same here, aod turn off complety dark. Time to sell this ***** and buy a clock width android wear

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Mine did the same after I turned on goodnight mode. Once I turned that feature off it worked fine.

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