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Galaxy Watch 12/30/2019 Update is kiilling my battery.

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8 months of satisfaction with my watch then the update on December 30 happened (R800XXU1DSL1/R800OXA1DSL1). My watch can't make it more than 8 hours with going into battery saving mode!. Prior to this update the watch was great for 4 days without any problems.


What to do, is there any way for me to perform rollback software?


Is Samsung aware of this issue and will the fix it?


 Hey @Pawsox! Firstly, check for any software updates for your smartwatch: open the Galaxy Wearable app > About Watch > Update Watch Software > Update Now. Are there any updates available? Also, has the smartwatch been in either a very hot or very cold location? Have you recently installed new apps onto it? When you aren't using the smartwatch, do you use Sleep Mode? 

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