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Samsung mail app in tab S2

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Since several weeks for some messages I receive in the inbox it' s not possible to completely open them. If opened I only see the sender but the content of the message doesn't appaer. If I choose for forwarding that message or reply then the content is visible!! No idea what's wrong.

Does anyone recognize this problem and has the the right steps available to solve this problem...?

Thx in advance

Regards Casey

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Casey01.


Have you tried logging in to your email account on a different device to see if you have the same issue?

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Hey Chris,

Thx for your reaction!

I just tried on another device: no problems!

So, it specific this tablet. And, it aren't all mails only particular once. But if so concerning a specific sender, than every message from that address.

For me it is a mystery

Hope you have a suitable advice?!



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