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Samsung Tablet. Cannot receive or send Hotmail/Outlook E mails whilst abroad

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When on holiday my Samsung Tablet will not allow me to send or receive E Mails on my Hotmail/Outlook accounts in Europe. It seems to block everything to do with my E Mails. Sent ones sit in the outbox and incoming E mails are not received at all. As soon as i return to the UK it works again. How can I remedy this issue. Thank you

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Is Roaming enabled on your contract ?



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Hi @HalcyconDays

What is the model number of your tablet? Are you accessing your emails via the internet browser on the device or are you using an application (stock email or Outlook)? Do you have a strong, stable WiFi connection?
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it is Samsung S3 tablet. I use WI Fi in various hotels/restaurants. . Roaming not an option as not a phone. It is only Outlook/hotmail E Mails both incoming and outgoing that is the problem as they areblocked but as soon as I return to the UK it works fine. I can use tablet to look up aricles on google/miscrosoft edge whilst abroad so it not the wi fi connection.

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Thanks for clarifying, @HalcyconDays


Are you able to use the stock email app when abroad? 



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No ,As soon as I go into my Hotmail E Mails it blocks all E Mails in and out

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Try changing the domain to '.com' as opposed to '' to see if this helps. You might also want to try downloading the Outlook application from the Google Play Store as this may serve to bypass any server restrictions you're facing due to your change in region.
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