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Samsung Tab S2 SM-T813 wifi authentication keeps failing after latest Android upgrade

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Hello' I've exactly the same behaviour.  Samsung change everything in my pad with no result. It's must be a software issue.


I did a factory reset last week and I haven’t had the WiFi disconnect since. Hoping this is a fix and not just a coincidence. I still have the reboot on battery lower than 60% issue. Haven’t had a reboot loop since factory reset but it does reboot on its own. Really sucks because I don’t want a larger tablet, 8” is perfect. So I guess I’ll be ditching Samsung when I replace it. 

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I've got the same issue. Did hard reset, soft reset, network reset and nothing works at all. If anyone got suggestions or how to downgrade i'm all ears. 


Did you try factory reset, reinstalls Android and wipes out all other data? 


Yes I did a factory reset

and it ended up the same piece of useless plastic glass and metal

As it cannot be used on a wifi network it could be used as a bookmark maybe , though it may be too thick and too big for paperbacks


so does anybody have any other USE suggestions? It is just out of its 2 year warranty - should have sent it back at the beginning when this began. In my innocence I thought it was a software update issue and that a patch would come out





I am still having this problem and Samsung help is not much help.


I cannot believe this is a hardware problem with some tabs - or maybe it is and Samsung does not want to own it??


Maybe all of the people wit tisproblem could start writing reviews everywhere ??


Might make Samsung to do something???

It is reasonable to expect that his product, especially given its price has a working life of more than 2 years ..

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Hi guys,


I've fixed the tablet for now by going to this site and downloading the previous firmware.

After reading up the instructions I successfully downgraded the tablet and now the problems are gone.


!warning if it goes wrong I'm not responsible for your actions

I think you'll lose your warranty over this but I'm not sure. I had my tablet a little over 2 years so I didn't mind as long as it would work again.

Quick list for everyone that wants to do this: 

- Download the appropriate firmware from this site. Select your country and download the version from 2018-10-28.

- Extract the download and remember its location

- Download Odin

- Put your tablet in developer mode(instructions) and enable USB debugging

- Turn off the tablet

- Attach the tablet to your pc via a USB cable

- Press and hold the power button, volume down and home button until you get a popup screen (download screen).

- Press volume up to go into download mode

- Now in Odin you should see the device pop up under ID:COM

- Click the "AP" button and select the .md5 (filename should be something like this: T813XXS2BRI1_T813PHN2BRG1_HOME.tar.md5) 

- Press start and grab yourself a cup of coffee.

- It should restart automatically. if it does not press and hold power + volume up + home button and select "reboot to system"




EDIT: Important I did NOT lose my files but to be sure you can backup your files and apps with samsung cloud.


I have looked at his option but as I am in Australia there is no 28 October 2018 version available. The closest is 2018-04-24


Mine has suddenly started working. Haven't had to reconnect wifi in over two weeks. Assuming a silent update was pushed out to resolve this issue.

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