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Game Optimizer on Tab A interfers with Game

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I recently purchased my Tab A T-380 and was able to play the game Shop Titans through the Google App Store. Samsung pushed through an OS update which turned on Game optimizer. This caused the game to stop working on my tablet. The game loads sounds and I can interact with the game via the touch screen, but the graphics do not load. All I see is a black screen with a white anvil that says loading. The graphics freeze in that spot. 


I have been working with Kabam tech support and they have issued an update, but nothing seems to help the issue. It is only occurring on my tablet. My phone is a J7 and runs the game with no issues, but because of Corneal Dystrophy, I prefer using the tablet to game.


Any help would be appreciated. 


Thank you,  


SaudA Moderator
Hi @Natolii

It could very well be a case of compatibility and requiring more updates from the game developers. However, let's try some troubleshooting steps. If there's any you've tried already, let me know.

- Go in to Settings > Apps > Shop Titans > Storage > Clear data, and restart the tablet. This does delete any stored app data, so check if you are able to backup your game data before trying this step.

- Try uninstalling, and re-installing the app.

- You can also try this: Settings > Apps > 3 Dots on top right > Show system apps > Game Optimizing Service > Storage > Clear data. (Again, this will delete stored app data.)

Give these a try.

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And that was no go. I have been working with the developer and nothing is coming of that. 


How is it that it is a Samsung update that messes the game up, but Samsung passes responsibility of it to the game developer?  


And how is it that the game works on the J7 and but stopped working on the Tab A.


Frankly, these optimizing apps are just bloatware, using up space and breaking the game. I do not, as a rule, ever run these services on ANY of my gaming devices and frankly want a way to permanently remove them. I run computers, game consoles as well as mobile devices so I am very familiar with Bloatware and am very disgusted with the way I cannot use my tablet for the things I enjoy without jumping through hoops. 

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