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Galaxy Tab S2 drains battery on idle after firmware/Android update

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Tab S2  SM-T713

Android 7.0

Security Patch: Jan 1, 2018

Build: NRD90M.T713XXU2BRB2


Want to add a little more fuel to this fire.  Bought this thing new a few years ago and I feel like this another example of corporate greed and their opinion that they're too big to fail, which may be true for a while. Spend a little to update an already developed product with a faster processor, ram, and whatnot; spend a little more on advertising; rake in profits and quickly forget it ever happened. This would be evidenced by the reply from a samsung rep in a post above.


This thing prompted me to update more during the first few months than anyone would consider reasonable. I've learned not to be an early adopter of sw updates years ago (Windows # anyone) and avoided updating and put up with the nagging. But one night I got home late, got frustrated and updated it. Warning: Don't drink and tablet! So I've had problems ever since including the overheating screen issue. Too hot to touch at times with no rhyme or reason in regard to app usage. Read plenty of complaints but no response from samsung. That quietly went away with an update but no acknowledgement from samsung, afaik. To me this reinforces the idea that samsung just doesn't give a lick after they get your money. And if I'm wrong then they sure h3ll don't do enough beta testing before pushing their updates.


My final gripe is a similiar battery issues where it goes into a boot around 30% battery. Kind of a premature battery level to be crashing like that, imo. Luckily I can plug it in and it'll boot and work alright. However, one glorious update a while back, not sure which, gave me the dead tablet syndrome also. Buttons mostly unresponsive, hard resets innefective, and the rest of it even after it got some charge back in it. I got out my receipt and warranty and planned to return it the next day. I left it on the charger overnight and what do you know the stupid thing booted right up with 100% charge. Since then I never let it get close to zero % but now I don't have to because it starts boot looping at 30%. Yah!


One could reasonably expect some communication from such a large company to it's frustrated users with a plan to resolve various, undoubtedly known, issues. DID YOU HEAR THAT SAMSUNG!


1 afterthought: I think I paid about what a regular iPad was going for a few days ago (prime day) $3oo


*Recap: try letting it sit on charger in off state until 100% battery. then try booting


Good news (for me at least), and anyone else suffering the same bug.


Build T813XXS2BSG1 came out in mid-August (2019) in my region. I can confirm it fixes the problem described in my original post.


I left it a while to make sure I would get the new build immediately notified as I had to apply the buggy build first - I couldn't override this or force it to check for builds manually. It did then pick up the new build instantly and I applied it asap. All went smoothly. I then did a system cache wipe from recovery mode to be extra sure - clean start.

After 3 weeks of monitoring, I can safely say it has fixed the problem.


Samsung took their time - nearly 5 months, but did actually fix it.


I would be nice if they published proper release notes rather than meaningless platitudes like "The security of your device has been improved." like I found here:

Dream on...

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