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I have just recently purchased a galaxy tablet and on searching the Play store I am unable to find popular apps sucjlh as spotify and Netflix as well banking apps that I use on my phone and many others. 

Can anyone help please.

Thanks in advance. 

AndrewL Moderator
@Roland77: Please can you confirm your tablet's model number and current Android version, and I will look into this for you. It may be the case that your tablet doesn't meet the minimum specifications to run the apps, although they should still show up in the Play Store. Where did you purchase the tablet? If the device was intended for use outside your current region then this could be why the apps aren't available.

Please be aware that banking apps aren't compatible with tablets, so it sadly won't be possible for you to utilise this feature.
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Thanks for your reply. 

I purchased as a refurbished item via eBay. 

It was posted within this country. 

Model number is GT-P7510

Android version 4.0.4

Thanks again. 

AndrewL Moderator
Thank you, @Roland77. It may be worth contacting the seller to ask if this is a UK model because, as advised, this can result in some apps and features not being available to you. Furthermore, your Android version may be a barrier in accessing certain apps, as I believe Netflix requires Android 4.4.4 and higher. If you go to Settings > About Device > Software Update > Update Now, are any updates available?
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Hi Andrew.
I have tried to update the software but none are available.
I will check with seller.
Thanks again.
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Hello Andrew,

I have been informed that the tablet was purchased in the UK.


Kind regards


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