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regarding to specific browser site rendering process crashing

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I am currently using the Samsung Smart TV model of un65mu8500.

The TV browser had no problem in accessing to the site such as youtube( not the youtube app given) 2years prior to my purchase. Recently this summer, the youtube-like sites has been keep crashing and shows "rendering process has been crashed". I have deleted all my internet cashes, history, checking for viruses and even reset the smart hub and still the rendering process crash still appears. I wonder if its just the network issue or the TV itself. if its fixable, how do i fix it?

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within the past 3 months mine to has started and getting annoying 65mu7500 , im not even going to bother with samsung last 5 years ive had board replaced tv replaced etc..... on and on simple answer imo is i wont be wasting my cash on them again go to Aldi and buy a cheep ass one i bet it'll outrun these tv's i have had lol.(actually we did buy one from Aldi shop and it hasn't broken yet)
oh if rented take it back, if payed for i feel sorry for you and everyone else until they fix it including mine, God bless, Jesus saves
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Mine has just started doing the same thing. Only happened in the last week or so. I use it for NBA TV which I have paid for but can't use because of this issue. If anyone has any advise, I'm all ears. 

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Same for me. I only used my tv to watch NBA TV. And now i get the error everytime....
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I'm facing the same issue. (I'm also trying to watch NBA using the web browser, did you guys figure it out?)

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Hey! I have the exact same problem as you guys. For some reason the web browser just gave me three times the quality of watching NBA via Chromecast. And no Samsung NBA League pass app :( 

Anyone come up with a solution? It's so weird since it worked flawlessly just two days ago.

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