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Web browser on Smart TV will not open Facebook and Google links

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I purchased a smart TV in Nov 2013 model T27B551EW. The web browser used to load Facebook but now all I get is Server not Found. Further, Google searches do work but going to a link produces the Server not found message especially with https files. The links in Google to images etc also have the same effect. I was on for over an hour with support but they could not help but just said the web browser was a third party app and not compatible with the tv. I am devastated that a TV not yet 5 years old is now out of date. Anyone suggest a work around?

CarlH Moderator

Hi @DariusM1. If the web browser you're using is definitely a third party app, it would be best to contact the app developer regarding this as they host and maintain the apps on the devices. Is the firmware up to date? I can see the latest version is 1014.0 which can be downloaded here

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Thanks CarlH. This is the information from the Twitter support people. They have virtually told me that my nearly 5 year old tv is not supported here is their latest tweet


"The web browser is built in to the TV and it's software version, the apps that aren't working are no longer compatible with the version of the TVs software due to its age. As newer models of TVs get released and new software comes out, the older TVs do not receive the newest software versions which means they become incompatible with the minimum requirements of the apps. ^LF"


This means that my TV is now useless as a smart TV as the web browser was an app I used most of all. I think I stated getting issues with it about a year ago when it was four years old. 



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