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UE75KS8000 Horizontal MovingDark Band Problems


Hi, I've bought a Samsung 75-inch KS8000 Series for about 3 weeks.
I'm experiencing a problem especially at the top left of a dark band that goes up and down the screen. I noticed it appears when there are dark, black parts in the image. But generally it is always present.
I've tried all the devices and media (blu-ray, netflix, ps4 etc.) but nothing, it's always there. In the attached photos and in the link to the video you do not see yourself as well as live. It's very annoying.
The band changes size and position based on LED settings (high, low or off) and the type of image setting (dynamic, movie, natural) but does not go away altogether.
On a 5000 euro television, I do not accept such a defect.
What do you suggest to do before calling for assistance and getting us hands?


VIDEO LINK:!Aj7PE9e3L0l88kLaoW7X2rpbYqqq




ChrisM Moderator

Hi @yakumofujii78.


Have you tried resetting your TV? Go to Home > Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset. Also, could you advise the software version of the TV? Go to Home > Settings > Support > Contact Samsung. Where are you based and where did you buy your TV?

Hi, I did the reset as you told me but nothing. I am in Italy.
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