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UE55KS7000 bluetooth volume control




Why can't I control the volume of bluetooth from tv? If I connect my Iphone to the bluetooth speakers, I can control the volume from the phone with no problem. When I connect to the same speakers with this tv, Im able to control the volume only on the speakers. Cant this be solved via firmware? Seems like a basic thing to me...


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KellyM Moderator

Hi @ISG,


Can you provide a few more details so the Community can help with this one.


What speakers are you connecting to your TV? Are you connecting the speakers via Sound Connect, HDMI or Optical? Do you use an app to control the volume? If so, which app are you using?


Hi, @KellyM


I taught I wrote it clear

I connect through bluetooth. TV-->Edifier Spinnaker bluetooth speakers. Via bluetooth. And the volume can be controlled ONLY via Edifier Spinnaker remote control.

If I connect my phone to the same speakers for example, I can control the volume via phone. I set the initial volume on the Edifier Spinnaker speakers, but can control the output volume of the phone also. Seems like TV's bluetooth sound volume output can not be controled. And also phone connected to the same bluetooth speakers is much louder. Loundness is not the issue though. Issue is that I can not control TV's bluetooth sound output volume/level.


Hope its clearer now.



AntS Moderator

Thanks, @ISG! :smileyhappy:


It'll be because it's a third-party (i.e. non-Samsung) speaker that you can't control the volume from the TV in this instance (the TV's not designed to be fully compatible with non-Samsung wireless speakers). 


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But Samsung phones, and all other phones can control other brand bluetooth speakers... because they have ability to control bluetooth volume output :(

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I have the same issue with my Samsung TV. Why Samsung TV does not have this basic function? It is possible to control volume with any other device connected to bluetooth speaker. It does not have to be compatible or something just output different sound similarly like to any other connected speakers.

Please allow to change volumne in next firmware update! I am realy not satisfied controling TV and bluetooth speakers with different remote...


I like my Samsung TV, but I will consider changing to other brand in the future unless this basic issue is solved...

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So how are we supposed to control volume when using BT speakers/headphones that have no volume controls, such as, oh I don't know, Apple AirPods?
I'm in the same situation. How is that possible? Makes no sense. I need to control the speaker volume just the same as my Galaxy can.
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i have recently purchased a samsung  UA65MU6400WXXY replacing a 60 " which had a headphone output to supply my surround sound yamaha pro logic receiver (analouge input only ) and encountered the same issue no control of bluetooth output ...... until i found a new bluetooth receiver Wireless Bluetooth 3.5mm Audio USB Receiver Adapter Music Dongle AUX A2DP Car once connected the TV comands this device to adjust volume out


I hope this helps Cheers Tim 

Item Specification:
 Bluetooth Version: v2.1 + EDR
 Support: A2DP v1.2
 Power: DC 5.0 V)



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Are you able to control the volume output of that bluetooth receiver using the TV remote control? what's about the mute button?


Thank you

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