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UE46D7000 Keeps Turning Off??

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I bought the TV faulty, basically just had a couple lines down the middle which I was fine with, was for in the bedroom so not to fussed.


Then, after about a month of having the TV, I noticed the lines had gone, which was great


But now, everytime I turn the TV on, after about 10-15 minutes, it turns itself off.


Iv checked to see if there's a timer on the TV, which there is not.


Iv also checked to see if there is a update avilable, which there isn't.


However, It started doing this 2-3 weeks ago, then I left the TV off for about a week then decided to try it again and it started working again, kept it on for 5-6 hours with no issues for a couple days.


But then I got a message on screen saying something had updated, one of the apps.


Since then it's starting turning off again.


Any clues why? 

KellyM Moderator

Hey @LukeP,


Can you provide the current software version of your TV? Go to: Menu > Support > Contact Samsung. We'll make sure everything is up to date!


Is your TV connected to a wireless network?

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It's connected to the internet & say's this is the software versions:


T-GAPDEUC-1019.2, BT-G


On the menu, the "Software Update" option isn't clickable.

TracyR Moderator

Hey @LukeP,


Your software does seem to be upgradable.

Do you have a USB stick available?


The download file can be found HERE.




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