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Screen is lighter around edge


Im on my fourth screen due to dark marks (clouding) on screen. My new screen is a week old and i can see dark marks coming but not as bad as before but i know time will change that. However my last screen and now this one also has a lighter colour around edge plus it glows at night when screen is off and when you turn off the screen has white marks on the screen for a few seconds and staying longer as time goes by. My first screen didnt have these issues but did have clouding. I would of thought samsung would of wanted this issue dealt with considering how much trouble im having ive sent emails but im yet to get a reply. I didnt expect samsung would have such poor quality tv's they used to be good whats going on ive read alot of bad reviews since getting these issues.


I also have this issue. Thing is I had bad light bleed at the bottom of the screen and I got a replacement screen, but now have a prominent white bleed at the top of the screen. Its not as uneven but I have OCD and it is making me really unhappy. Samsung gave me such a hard time getting my TV repaired but now I feel they will fob me off saying it is me being oversensitive. Is it really normal to have this problem with every Samsung screen?!


i thought id update whats happened with me. After warranty ran out samsung wont help unless i pay. alot of customers of samsung warned me about this and its something that concerned me. I had another new screen fifth in total but this time i had new mother board second time. It did fix issue for a few days but now the screen is back to having issues ive got dark horizontal lines across screen same as before. The issue is my warranty ran out so itll cost loads to fix but if samsung cant fix tv after 5 goes what chance have they got on the 6 attempt. As i was warned all samsung will do is send out an engineer untill the warranty runs out then they dont care. They wouldnt give refund or new tv just a repair job and now im stuck with a faulty tv and they wont do a thing unless i pay them. This new screen and mother board is only a few months old i thought they would have a warranty even if tv hasnt. ILL NEVER BUY SAMSUNG AGAIN  and neither will my family and friends. We need to tell as many people as possible that samsung isnt a good product anymore. Im still shocked i thought they made the best tvs how have they kept this quiet why dont stores tell us how bad samsung have become. The amount of people that send emails to this site is just getting more frequent by the minute. It seems to be getting worse theres more customers joining this site complaining about samsung tvs than ever. How can they get away with this. Ive wasted hundreds on a faulty tv and samsung doesnt care. As you can tell im really not happy with my samsung tv and how ive been treated.

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