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Screen going blank when using PS4 during game


Hi all,

Got a new UE65NU7470 for my Xmas, to hook up to my gaming computer and my Playstation 4. I have hooked up both with Sandstrom HDMI 2.0 + Ethernet cables, which are allegedly good enough for 4K gaming. I have been playing Gran Turismo and without warning, and no specific regularity, the screen goes blank, ranging from what seems like 0.5 second, all the way up to almost 2 seconds, not ideal in the middle of a race. I have looked in settings, checked power modes and switched Game mode in the external device manager between Auto, manual and off, but nothing seems to cure it.

Am I looking in the right places, surely both the Samsung and the Playstation being quality units should not suffer issues like these?

Thanks in advance for any help given


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