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Q9fn 55" firmware 1290.4 sound issues

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Since my TV Q9FN 55" has been updated to 1290.4 it has some serious sound issues.

All sources are affected by this issue: local Apps (Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Video), as well as HDMI sources.


In some scenes with a high dynamic range in the sound department the lower end of the sound receives a significant boost in volume and gets distorted, even on lower main volumes below 10.

It sounds like if there's a drop in the bitrate but just for lower frequencies. Mid and High frequencies are not affected by this and sound crisp.


The effect occurs sporadically. Only powering off and rebooting the whole TV seems to solve the issue for a period of time 

Neither switching channels nor resetting the sound settings helped to resolve the issue.

I'm running the TV with internal speakers only, therefore I couldn't test if external speakers are also affected.

I've already replaced the HDMI cable to external sources. No change.

As pointed out, resetting the TVs settings or changing the sound output PCM to Bitstream and vice versa wont help.


I couldn't find something similar in the community...does anybody know if this is a known issue or can help me with some good advice?


Thx in advance,





CarloL Moderator

Hey @Mike_DE! If you are still having issues with this, I would recommend giving a call to the Samsung Audiovisual team to get it sorted: 0333 000 0333.

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