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MU6470 black shadows at the bottom of the screen




I'm wondering whether somebody else had a similar problem with theit TV. My MU6470 (UK model) has recently developed two black shadows at the bottom of the screen (please see attached photos with the black arrows indicting the area of the problem).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,






me ive had same problem i got the screen replaced and again same problem starting to occur. Looks like i will be back intouch with samsung. They will ask you to do screen test and send them the pictures of your screen showing the fault and if its in warranty they should send a engineer out to replace screen.


thanks @Punkdude1981


my tv is only 10 months old, spend all morning looking for my reciept from curry's. I'll contact Samsung first thing tomorrow morning.


Even more good news from Samsung!

Just got a phonecall and they are sending an engineer out to repair my TV!


However, if they need to replace the LCD panel, they only give 3 months warranty on the new part. Is that enough?

Sould/can I extend my TV's warranty?

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Hi Vangelis

I also have this very same problem, sadly my television is out of warranty so I do not know what the outcome will be. I am disgusted that a piece of technology which is approximately 1 1/2 years old is now pretty much worthless as I am guessing to replace a screen is costly. Anyone else out there have this happen and it's out of warranty?




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