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How do i delete or block bloatware apps on smart tv ?

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But I do care. I do not want Facebook or any Facebook related spyware on my personal device. They run in the background and log/sniff whatever they want (when and what I watch, how long etc.). Since the TV also has microphones, who knows what else is recorded and used "to give you a better user experience". If I cannot delete/uninstall that suff, I will return this Samsung device and buy another brand. Terrible intrusion into my private space by Samsung/Facebook.


I found an option to deactivate TV+ in the service menu of my Q6 (judging from screenshots from other service menus, this option seems to be available also for other models). It seems for the moment that it's gone (doesn't show up anywhere).

I believe it's a scam. We're paying for the tech without discount but they are now making big money from licence deals for all the apps which can't be removed. This is a new thing. A new way to make more money from us and all our data is being monitored by samsung and sold to companies but no one pays us or gives us a discount. So I'm not happy that I'm not being given an option. I'm not happy that no where in the samsung advertising or their sales literature do they say that apps are hard wired due to license deals. That's not ok and a legit complaint. I'd pay more for no adverts as i do elsewhere. Hope they give this option....but likely only if we ask for it.

I totaly agree!


The Galaxy S6 was my last phone I bought from Samsung because of all the ad and bloatware. My recently bought Q6 is the last TV I bought from them.


I wait for the day they roll out stuff like that to ther full product range: Want to wash your cloth? Watch an ad first! Open your fridge and hear a commercial!


Lol that's already a thing with rhe smart fridge which has internet. Also recently google were in trouble as they put spoken ads into their Alexis range when you asked the time. It actually target your kid with beauty and the best film promo....mind boggling. Google removed it after complaints but they claimed it wasn't an ad but a user notice for information and a public service....yeah right it was . Only solution is to not buy it or actively complain. Neither is much fun.

Thanks for the info. So also no more fridges from them.
As most companies selling ads as features in their "smart" products they should really include that in their marketing campaigns:

"Introducing the new 2020 Galaxy S13 Edge. Now with 70% more ads! And coming later this year the S13+ with even more !"
haha but in all seriousness a decade ago samsung tvs and all my life had 100% less adverts and paid license deals forced upon the customer. Samsung would not have become the giant it has of it had tried this junk before it was mainstream. Sony were great for being for the players until they had the gaming monopoly whereupon it wasn't about the players...but the payers.

For my next tv I will be actively looking for an ad free version or with the guaranteed option to remove or hack. How funny is that? Jailbreaking a tv will soon be a thing....that's crazy and sad.

I have daily problems with my samsung tech in recent years due to endless updates which benefit everyone but the consumer but I have no choice but to use it as it's all new tech costing me thousands. It will be years before I can justify a change and even then...what are the chances of an ad free device which does what it claims ? :(
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Since last month, the apps that are (currently) able to be deleted keep coming back every time I turn on the TV. 




Too bad you don't know how to treat your customers, Samsung. 

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I'm having the same issue - RakutenTV is the default when I turn my TV on and I absolutely despise it automatically playing loud adverts for films I don't want to watch. Never buying another Samsung tv if this is what the experience is like now - how much money did I pay for this device? And they want to squeeze more out of me by playing ads at me?

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THAT SAID, I was able to remove the RakutenTV autoplaying channels on my UHDTV 7 Series by holding the channel clicker down until a channel list came up, then I could navigate up to 'Edit Channels' and delete them.

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