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Changing subtitle colour, in the TVs built in media player

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So i just thought, that might help with the local dimming, HDR and all the good stuff.

It would be quite nice if it was possible to change colour of the subtitles to something else than white, cyan, green, red, purple, i was thinking, that some shade of grey could fit perfectly, cause when i try to watch something with that player, with local dimming and HDR on, the subs are so bright, it hurts eyes, especially in darker scenes, grey instead of white would give lower contrast, so im guessing the local dimming would be less aggressive as well, resulting in very comfortable subtitles, but im not sure how to reach to Samsung to propose this change.

I tried with the official page contact, but all i get is responses from technical support, who doesnt even know that sub colour can be changed to cyan, green, red, purple, let alone forward the proposition to someone in charge, who could make it happen...

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