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Ambient mode


Fair enough.

I use them as display panels only, as such, other functionality is beyond my commentary.


My problem is different from all the others.

All I want is to have some weather information in ambient mode along with a clock. And I've seen it advertised. I've even seen something similar here in the forums. But all I have is Basic info with only a big clock and nothing else.

About the surroundings - I have a white wall. It got the textures right, but not the color. It's somewhat white with some red in it, like using very warm colors.


The weather issue is interesting - I assume you have it internet connected and you are not using a VPN or some form of firewall that is restricting specific ports?  Did you set up your TV through smart things? is there anything in there permitting smart things to know your location maybe?


All guesses as I havent seen the issue before.


The TV has internet connection, no vpn or firewall.

I've set it up from the remote, but I have the SmartThings app installed and tried to change some settings from there too.


Potential q90r buyer here.

Has Samsung updated ambient mode recently to work with ur own photos without the large border?


This is a deal breaker for me. 

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