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I think there are a few issues which Samsung need to address to get Ambient Mode working (I'm trying on a Q9F 55").  My one is when using the SmartThings app on an iPhone and you are not able to upload pictures for the wallpaper.  So you are stuck with their default pictures.


Multiple things have been tried but the problem looks to be with the SmartThings app itself as it cannot seem to read the photos on the iPhone itself - all you see is the spinwheel...  forever...


I requested help through the SmartThings app a couple of times and never hear anything back.


Silly question, but has anyone got it to work using the iPhone SmartThings app?






@ChilliPeppa wrote:


Silly question, but has anyone got it to work using the iPhone SmartThings app?

I can confirm another italian user with iPhone was able to load pictures. It just took too long for him to display the thousands of pictures in his gallery, before he was able to select the ones to send to the tv (he said about 10 minutes!!!)

Of course, he still lacks the ability to generate its own background.

But this feature, yet experimental according to the notice in the android app, is also limited to shot a picture of the wall behind the TV. It's not possible, for example, to select your own background.


Hey .did you ever get to the bottom of this? 

My ambient mode button has disappeared on my smarthings remote for a few days now...any ideas? 

Tried uninstalling etc tried wife's phone (same problem) . It was there before!! Screenshot_20190420-074929_SmartThings.jpg


I say again . . . Ambient Mode is a fraud.

It’s never performed as advertised, and Samsung continues to tout features of Ambient Mode that nobody has ever seen working. Example: There has never been a way to “play a bit of light background music” in any released version of Ambient Mode I’ve seen, nor can Samsung/SmartThings CS tell you how to supposedly do so. Yet go to the Samsung website or read every ad for Ambient Mode over the past year and there it is to this day, bold as brass — Samsung still brazenly claims it as a feature of Ambient Mode.

Hopefully, the Samsung EU Community Moderators will continue allowing me to post despite voicing this unpleasant truth. (The cowards who run Samsung’s US boards have banned me (and apparently others) who had the temerity to point things like this out.)

Ambient mode is a fraud 100%. Samsung needs to be held accountable. I’m hearing there may be a class action lawsuit. Best Buy employees told me a few months ago that they don’t even push this TV anymore due to so many returns. 


Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep my ears open for the class action suit!!!

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Yea this is wrong. They should be held accountable. 


I have just bought a Q9F. I have a Galaxy Note 9.

First opened smart things and the ambient button was there, but it refused to upload any pictures for mono mode. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, now it wont even give me the ambient button. TV is great, ambient mode and the smart things app is awful.


Ok, brace yourselves, I got ambient mode working on my q9f 55". It is not a pretty story.

Having had my failed attempts, I powered everything off at the wall for a couple of mins then powered it back on.


I uninstalled the smartthings app and reinstalled it.


I opened the app and reconnected to the TV , BUT, did not try to control it or see the remote. I closed the app and rebooted my phone.


I then powered the tv off and back on at the wall.


I then used the TV remote to enter ambient mode.


I then opened the smartthings app on my phone and tapped on the TV to see the remote, and the ambient button appeared(!)


I went into photo mono mode and selected a photo and clicked show on TV


The TV promptly powered off (!)


I powered it back on and went back into ambient mode and my photo was showing.


Clearly, this is absolutely awful software, but I made it work. Last problem, cannot get the photo to be full screen with no frame, but I will keep trying.



What kind of phone do you have? I’ve heard it won’t work with iPhones, supposedly. Also, can you let me know if you’re able to take a picture of the wall behind the TV and use it as the ambient photo? Like Samsung keeps advertising?

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