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Samsung pay uk

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Samsung pay uk

Any update on the release of Samsung pay in the UK?


Desperate to enjoy the feature on my S3 





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Re: Samsung pay uk

Hey Triphazard, thanks for asking! Cat Happy


Following successful launches of Samsung Pay around the world, we are planning to launch the service in the UK in 2017.



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Re: Samsung pay uk

Been waiting over a year now for pay to go live in the uk its a joke now 


Re: Samsung pay uk

My biggest concern is... will it work with Barclays Bank/Cards? as I know they have their own app but not one for the S3.

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Re: Samsung pay uk

As soon as we have any information about Samsung Pay, we'll be sure to let you know. Our website is always been updated, so be sure to keep an eye on it! 




Re: Samsung pay uk

This is huge for me too. Noted it is very political between Samsung and the banks. 

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Re: Samsung pay uk

Same here, been waiting since i got my gear s2 back in late 2015, was first promised in early 16 but seems to have died a death. It seems you have had no reply in 3 weeks so i won't hold my breath :-)

Re: Samsung pay uk

I was wondering too about the Samsung pay launch but seem to remember reading somewhere that it's due to launch some times round May. Won't be holding my breath though. I'm keen on this feature too.

Re: Samsung pay uk

So it's been released in the UK for certain devices, I have one of those devices (s7 edge with latest updates) but I am still unable to download.


Also looking at the list of banks it's a joke, the biggest banks in the UK are not supported.


We have been waiting over a year since Samsung said pay would be released in the UK and when it is released it's very poor, I expect more from a company like Samsung.

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Re: Samsung pay uk

Do you have a link to this information please @Karls




Found the info. 


My bank hsbc haven't joined yet. 

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