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Restricted Profie Apps Not Showing

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Hi all,


I have recently purchased 2 Samsung Galaxy A (2016) tablets running Android 8 for my kids.

Model: SM-T580

Android: 8.1.0


I previously had Lenovo Yoga Tablets running Android 5 using restricted user profiles so that I could control the apps they use. 


The restricted profiles setup fine on the Galaxy A Android 8 tablets, however none of my installed apps appear in the app list to select, only the system and stock apps. 


I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab running Android 7 and the restricted profiles work fine on here. 


Has anyone else seen or experienced this issue?





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Well I had Samsung support remote onto the tablet and they say that this feature isn't available anymore. 3rd party apps I. E. Through play store or Samsung store can't be enabled for restricted profiles. They say its a limitation in Android 8. I find this really hard to believe given that you can setup a restricted profile as before.

Has anyone else had any issues with this yet?
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