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About Quality Management System / Environment / Humans --SPECIALIST, TOTAL QUALITY SYSTEM ONLY--



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*Same service could have cost in addition to the quest


I will start with a cite about my nice niece and start of a book, big book: "Warriors do not will fight"


.la excelencia la encontrarás en tu camino si no la buscas, si la buscas es porque tienes deseo de estar al acecho de varias prendas oportunas para ello...por lo que llamo oportuno nato, pero si no la buscas y la encuentras, cuerpo, mente y alma sano estará acorde para ello en cualquier momento de supremacía de poder, he indeble por poder sopesar todas tus derrotas sufridas durante el largo camino del guerrero, cuyo fin en su día u otra homilía será su muerte y destierro de su mundo creado por él mismo en su mente, corazón y espadas.


...Y ahí comienza el legado más amable jamás realizado por mi parte y para vosotros en exclusividad, por talentosos y amables que han sido conmigo, aquí estoy para enseñaros a ser buenos sirvientes empresariales o Staff como algunos mismos me llaman a veces por decir algo rápido en algo rápido





An Staff has not at privilegiate position but it will be in all places, as me as yours. They will be apollogices of all, the strong of a project and desolation for desmotivation, could be the alma matter doned of a company to thenselves. All people depend of your works to advance and pass long time together boosses, it is really intrepidant the bussiness closed club, but I can teach hims a lot of thing without a company sir, have you a nice weekend and tell us your questions, I will answer as well as I can do or tell yours.


Greetings and end of first class to all :kiss::kiss:


Please, exist six questions first before to meet who is the maker"" to organize a work or fix an issue and will be for correct and get better the system not for to found a guilty


Only my love Jane understand me  


I love you Jane where you are...only to think about you, it make me dream and calm me and stop my myselfautodestruction as a machine      


See you in a while, good night and good Monday for all, start of week for someones


Each new day people lie more and need to feed their ego more and feel better than other, because for them is a error to say, yes, you have reason, was a faulty mine, sorry.


You are trying to lie to the person who try to help you...bad start 


For all thoses who do not recognize their failties and invent solutions that are not even believed by the Queen of England 


Remember me next time, because could be that I don't assist you for his false facet


Other for the black list mine yarayara 


The well of the ignored start to grows 


No me gusta como trabajador de aquí o de algún lado, que la gente intente engañar, sin sentido alguno, usted no me aportará a mi sistema y yo pierdo el tiempo con ello y con usted, que podría estar usando con un user nuevo; al ver que no es verdad las cosas que habla, tarde o temprano todo sale y a su contra, desde luego, por haber mentido ante semejantes cosas simples, y pudiendo imaginar que viene más adelante con ello y con usted, que ya lo he descartado de antemano




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