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S9 Plus April update - Front Camera changed from 8MP to 5.2MP

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I found my S9 + front camera resolution to be reduced from 8MP to 5.2MP. And also the pictures taken with the front camera are zoomed after they are clicked. Is this a bug in the update ?

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Using the above thread, it shows 8MP only in case of video mode. Select camera -> go to settings -> and it is back to 5.2MP. 


Have you tried this: Settings > Apps > 3 Dots > Show System Apps > Camera > Force Stop > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data? 

This worked for me. 


has it been fixed? I recently checked my camera and encountered the same problem

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UPDATE (from June, 2019):

What I found with front camera is 

1. Groupfie mode has 8MP

2. Selfie mode has 5.2MP

3. Selfie mode picture automatically gets cropped

To conclude use groupfie mode to get great pics with your front camera. 


Thank you ^_^

For other camera applications is still 5.2 :(


The same thing shows in my front camera  5.2mp instead of 8mp.  When i went into selfie i changed near view to far view and it shows 8mp now. But if its near view its still shows 5.2mp. Hopefuly it will be fixed in next update.

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I have the same problem on my phone and my brother's phone. What is the solution


Hi. When you open camera for selfie theres two amall icons  on bottom of screen. If you tap it it  will change to far away. Its the zoom in one that uses 5.2pm. The other is 8mp. 

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Thank you the problem has been solved ... on I think it 's not a problem but it' s a new addition

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