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Note 8 (Sm-N950FZKA) Unroot issue +Help !!!

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Hello everyone, well i rooted my Samsung galaxy Note 8 recently Just because of curiosity than i unrooted a few days after, unfortunately after that i contacted that i cannot use my security folder, s health, samsung pass... i marked a search on the net i found out that i cannot have access to these features anymore. Please i need help if there is any solution of my issue cuz i didn't know that before rooting  my Note 8, i feel bad about that


==>NB : i want a solution without suggesting me to root it again cuz i dont want to root it and i will not do it again never and ever. Thanks guys

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Superuser I

I think the best place to visit is the xdadevelopers site and ask the guys there. 


Samsung wont help you in regards to either how to root or to remedy issues caused by rooting or uprooting as this voids any guarantee @Princejerssy 



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im not asking how to root or unroot i just ask how to get back my samsung pass

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