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How Do I Delete Android System Notification On Drop Down menu?

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I installed an app called Cleanbrowsing on my Samsung Galaxy phone because I wanted to block pornographic sites and now i have an android system notification saying "Connected to cleanbrowsing. Tap to manage" on the dropdown list which you get by swiping down from the top of my phone.
How do I get rid of this notification which is stuck there all the time and is annoying the hell out of me?
It doesn't go away when I click on clear on the list.



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Superuser I

I've not used the app you mention @Imaginos7  but it might be a built in feature of the app.


I'm assuming there's nothing in the apps settings / preference section you can tweak ?


You could contact the developer of the app.


Personally I've not had to use the afore mentioned app as with some networks they have settings in their own network app sometimes called content control and or have securenet type software.


Maybe look at another option.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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