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Hide message content in notification bar even if device is unlocked and until opens that particular app

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Hi, I want to get a notification for a message but the message content should be hidden in the notification bar even if the device is unlocked.


Privacy is compromising due to lack of this feature. The below cases is all my concern,

1. Unlocked and given the phone to a friend and other friend sends me a personal top secret  message in whats app and it was shown in the  notification bar, that should be hidden.

2. OTP should not visible in notification bar until open message application. 

3. Hide apps feature is just hiding the application from homescreen and is visible when using search option. When again revisiting search option the hidden application is showing in suggest/recent search history then what is the use of hide app feature.


Previously i was using redmi mobile and in that all the above requirements were fulfilled. 

How can I acheive those in samsung Galaxy m30s mobile?

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