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Hi ,

Im getting really pd off with this , why is it not simple to ask a question or to see if others have had the same problems as me ? Is this all designed to put people off or mess them about ? I've only been trying for weeks to get a refund and I keep getting the same messages " We wrote to you on whatever date they put in and claim i haven't answered them back , I'm really fn pd off having to go round in circles and be lied to so they don't have to deal with my refund , Samsung are turning out to be a fraudster company that when they get your money they couldn't give a toss so how do i get someone to deal with returning the money they are trying to steal from me ?



I would DM Samsung on Twitter if I was you .

They've always been really good at getting back to me. 

I hope that it works out for you and you get some sort of satisfactory resolution.. Best of luck.




My hobbies include writing, watching motivational, biopic movies and series. I too love Game of Thrones and I mostly waste my time () in affiliate and digital marketing. Currently, writing on best air conditioners and detailed information on best AC brands 


What do you think about Samsung air conditioners? Should I include them in my post?

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Jumping onboard as no one can tell me what's happening or how to fix this issue with my Samsung 10.

I've tried deleting apps and running device maintenance/security checks to no avail.

Still getting these pop ups saying, drink water or your battery is hot.

Pls help!Screenshot_20191106-063132_QR Code Scan.jpg


Screenshot_20191105-215312_QR Code Scan.jpg


Hi try clearing data and cache or delete app an then reapply in play store
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Greetings Rasyid. Saju also came from Indonesia, but now he works in China as an Xiaomi technician

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Hi welcome to Samsung members
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Hi @Isnaeni! Are you all the way across the world in Indonesia too? And who's the girl in the photo?


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