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The Introduce Yourself Thread

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Hello all (said like Jim in Friday Night Dinner)

Big Samsung Android fan here 😁.

I was lost without mine when I had to use an emergency generic phone. Urgh never again!

I love Marvel, Star wars and anything that's remotely inappropriate humour fuelled lol 

FIlms on my Edge look great. 

Gotta figure how to get screen mirroring to work between this and my TV-this is a bit of tech I'm not familiar with.

Anyway, hi from the UK 👋


Hello guys! 


I thought it would be best to introduce myself rather than be a silent moderator! I'm Kate, I'm a huge Film/TV/Music fan, hoping to write an amazing novel in the future (we'll see how that goes). I have worked for Samsung for a year in August. Need any help, don't hesitate to ask :smileyvery-happy:

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Hi there!
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Hi all
Old man but still learning just ordered two Samsung galaxy S8’s had iPhone for years but the cheeky sods at apple only offered me £80 trade in for my old phone and £60 for my wife’s so I thought that was ***** for a loyal customer but Samsung gave me £200 and £150 so no contest .
The only thing was I could not put both in basket and get correct trade in, I had to do two transactions then Paypal thought the second transaction was dodgy so blocked it .
Why Samsung can’t sort that out I don’t know,when I phoned them they said it was so it could only do one trade in per phone but as I was ordering two new phones,any way I don’t get that as it gave me £300 in total discount when it should have been £350 so there explanation didn’t ring true.
Hello I'm new to does all this work?.....
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Hi everyone ive left Apple for Samsung was a difficult decision but im glad i did now loving the Samsung S8 🤗
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hey guys how are you all
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Hello and welcome to everyone! :robothappy::heart:


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Superuser I

Hi and welcome to the latest newbies plus others making themselves known    Feel free to join in any areas of interest, a few can provide assistance if required.

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