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why do the volume butons controll the volume of the alarm app

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ok,im not supid,i know why .but why set it up like that .seriously,why doesnt the alrm app operate independently of the main sure we can all relate to having turned our volume all the way down,and then go ing to bed ,asuming that your allarm was on.i know this scenario has happened to me many times before,typically I'd just write it off as me being dumb.often this happens right when you have some important event,or time sensitive thing to do.why doesn't the allarm operate independantly from the volume .why,really.what is the purpose of such a bad design.just last night i had muted my phone ,only to realise that the allarm was muted aswell the next morning.i purpose that we all coplaint to samsung about this ,relitively large ,issue

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TLR the allarm app is dumb because it can be turned down accidentally, lets pettition samsung to fix it

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Hi there, @jesus_420.

What phone are you using? As the alarm does have a separate volume feature!

Firstly go to your clock and set up the alarm. Whilst setting up the alarm tap on Alarm Sound, towards the bottom you'll see a volume slider. Just turn this up as far as you want, and it will start quiet and eventually reach that volume!

Hope this helps!


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