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Sub-Categories in Samsung Notes

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I have recently decided to give replacing notebooks with a Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 a go - I am excited to gague the state of our technology. 


A tablet may still be marginally less technically advanced than a black piece of paper, but it has the distinct advantage of being able to tag and organize every single page.


Here is my first hiccup: While the "Categories" function in Samsung Notes is a cute first step, I require the ability to create several sub-sections in order to efficiently organize my notes. 



[Firm Name]

-> [Archived Notes]

-> [Active Notes]

-->[Investor Relations]

-->[Sales Activity]


--->[Client 1]

--->[Client 2]

--->[Client 3]

---->[Client interaction Q3:18]

---->[Client interaction Q2:19]

---->[Client interaction Q4:19]

----->[Startup meeting]

----->[Organized Overview Status Q4:19]

----->[Relevant Questions]

----->[Suggestions Future Action]

----->[Comments from analysis]


Ideally I would like to be able to tag each note with several tags (and organize those tags in a hierarchy), but a folder structure with the ability to create infinite sub-folders would also be useful. 


Does anyone know if such a system is intended to be added to notes, or if there exists an app that allows you to freely take notes (preferably in vector format with a selection of pens/highlighters) and organize them in an infinite hierarchy?



Thank you for your attention, 


Hans L. Falck

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We're not able to recommend third party apps we're afraid @HJLF, but did you know you can send feedback directly to our Developers through the Samsung Members app? Go to Apps > Samsung Members > Get help > Send feedback.


Hope this helps!

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