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Samsung Calendar App & Calendar issue


Hi, I quite like the samsung email and calendar apps  but I'm being forced to use the outlook app for one reason... the calendar! I added my outlook calendar  and found I cannot actually edit any of the entries... if I create an entry on my S10 tor Tab-A I am able to go back in and edit it, if I go onto and edit that entry then go back on my phone a bit later it seems to become read only and i cannot edit it!!


Now I have also tried to download another app (nine) that would allow me to sync and add my calendar to the samsung calendar app and found I was able to edit it no bother... so it appears there is an issue with the Exchange Sync with the email app that seems to be having a knock on effect to the calendar... anyone else found this/got a solution??

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Superuser I

Microsoft Outlook Team are knowing the problem and they are tying to find a solution...Samsung Calendar have a update in your Galaxy Store since few days, maybe it could help ?


There is a post  treating of this problem, you can consult it there:


Also, Samsung Email just received a update August 9, you can also update it in the Galaxy Store

Screenshot_20190810-012336_Galaxy Store.jpg

 Hope it helps


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Bit more to this.. so the issue is surrounding shared calendars within outlook, even if you have Editing access to the shared calendar as soon as you enter an entry from your account then sync it immediately claims it on behalf of the calendars hosting account and you cannot edit it anymore.  A work around has been to add the hosting account to my phone and then i can edit everything - but this is not ideal.


The updates to E-Mail and Calendar to the latest versions appear to have not resolved the issue.


Ha, I made a new topic today with pretty much the same problem I think (I guess I hadn't searched hard enough:

Is there any news or solution on this in the meanwhile? 

Updates haven't fixes anything for me unfortunately..  


Sorry but same here, I ended up adding the "root" family account to my phone and syncing the calendar that way, adding the updates as that account rather than my own account, was the only way I could get round the problem

Thanks for you reply! Sorry to hear (for both of us) there is still no real solution.
It's a shame because I quite like the app, but I'll have to look for another one I guess.
I think this problem started to exist when my work changed from normal exchange to Office 365. But on my Mac calendar for example there's no problem at all with editing items.
Yeah its wierd, my wife's iPad has no problem with editing the joint calendar as herself at all, the only other I app that I found worked without issue is "Nine" but you have to pay for it but it will allow you to sync the calendar to your phone and use the native samsung app but I refused to pay for it when I have what should be a fully working app available so I went with my workaround lol but nine might work for you?

Just checked the Nine app. Not bad at all and I can edit the items which is good (and it proves it can be done) , but I'm really looking for a dedicated calendar app so I don't have to navigate to a calendar inside the app. I know this will irritate me eventually haha.

Could you elaborate on the root parent thing? Not sure if I understand it. Cheers! 

Sure, we have 3 accounts, my wife has hers, I have mine and we have a joint one, all outlook accounts - when you create a "family" to share your office 365 subscription it automatically creates a family calendar which we were using, the joint account is essentially the administrator (root) as it is this account that holds the 365 subscription and the other two accounts are beneath it if you like, so it seems that we can edit the calendar no problem with the app logged in as the root (joint) account but not as either of the other two (unless your using an ipad lol)

Ah yes, this is really clever. I'm not sure how I can do this with my account since it's a work account and I'm not sure if I can bring this under in a parent account. I'll do some research. Thanks again. 

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