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Samsung Calendar APP not in PlayStore

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i cannot find the Samsung Calendar APP in Google Play. 

We use Andriod for Work Device Owner Mode and i try to get the Samsung Calendar with google Play (for Work). But the Calnedar is not avalable. Other Samsung Apps are in Play Store (Mail...)






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Hey @Schaub 


Are you using Samsung Devices or other Android devices?


If you're using Samsung the app will be pre-installed and/or located in the Galaxy App Store.


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i'am using Samsung Devices but in Android for Work Device Owner Mode. The AfWDoM deletes (or hides) all Apps on the Device to clean the device of all the unneeded App in Business.


My Way to install is an AfW Playstore Catalog and not the Galaxy Samsung Store.


Any Ideas ? I won't extract an APK an push it on my devices because of the bad Update Process

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This is so frustrating and we need a solution here ASAP!  Samsung mail and browser are in google play but not calendar?  What gives?

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This does not answer the question. This has to do with Android Enterprise.
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Extracting the apk sounds like what our last resort might be.

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