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S10+ App badge not working

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Hey everyone,


New to android and Samsung (I'm sure you can guess where I have come from). I've been setting my new s10+ up over the last couple of days but the badge icons on the apps appear not to be working. It works for email but my other apps don't show it. They are in folders but surely this wouldn't make a difference...would it? I've checked all the notification settings and they are all on. Also, if I have badge icons on do I have to have the notifications come up in the bar at the top as well? TIA 

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I have the same problem. I try on every single setting none of them work. Can someone help us over here? Hallo Samsung! 

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I've got the same issue on my Galaxy A50... which is now on Android Pie. Don't think this worked on Oreo for me either.
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Same problem with my s10+ , sometimes works, most times does not, especially on sms apps and I have tried about 4 different ones.

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What confuses me is 'you bring out Touch Wiz' which is your own take on Stock Android, and you also have your own Email App, that does integrate with the Badge Icons when Oreo was introduced, not everyone uses your 'Email App' as it's their choice to use it or not.  I would have expected for you to have fully tested the working functionality against all 'Samsung' and 'Google Play' Apps to make sure they have the Badge Icon showing up.  (OK, when I say 'All' I know this is not how Testing works as really it's only tested against a select few....)  but I would have expected GMail to have been tested as it's quite fundamental when it comes to you not getting complaints like this... whether it not be working on an A5 2017 and not S10+/and my A50.... and this is also affecting your One UI.  I'm beyond/stuck for words as to how this has not been checked and Tested against a new UI either!!!


In a way it's a bit like Google taking away their Services to Huawei, but, hey, you would benefit, as you already have your own Email App that your Samsung Users can use.


I would love a response, I really would, but I don't really think I will get one.

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Have noticed that the badges work for most if not all other apps just not for ANY sms apps ???

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