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Perf Z data shown is wrong

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Hi i have perf Z as part of game launcher.

I would like to point out that the thermal reading of the cpu is bugged for sure and may be at least 10 degress higher than what is shown by the app since many times when i start a game even after having used other app before it marks temperatures in the 16C range when my room temp is 22C and then the temperature rises slow with usage but still goes to 16C to 35ish slowly keeping below room temps even for more than 10 minutes!

Hope you this gets fixed because for the rest it is awesome.

Have a nice evening!

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Further update. by my calculations the temperature shown in perf-z is underestimatend by 15 degrees circa, so if it marks 40 in reality is 55 and so on.

Hope they fix this quickly.

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I actually randomly just noticed a few  Minutes ago how the color Of the temp bar was yellow,, But my phone definitely felt warm enough to be in the near the red or just on the border of Y/R,,,,


 So I took out the heat gun and it showed a 110°

 I force stopped game plug-ins,   Started the game and it was still reading off,,,


I went to check what CCleaner was reading in their "System Info" Tab,,,,




Soooooooooooooooooooooooo ._____. idk


I'll see if takes a few Screen Shots/Recordings and submit a ticket to Samsung :l

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I did just opened up card mobile right now and it's showing 29 C° Temp gun checks out,, OH!! I just remembered! The other day,, I Was actually just using the temp gun for the h*** of it and I noticed that different spots of the screen were actually quite different, about 2° - 10゚ off.

That being said, I'm guessing, the android system, Has some service running that allows apps to read the temperature data from the phone

At this point,, Only the team behind our Devices "System Performance Info" knows whether
1. The temperature sensor is only capable of Reading the temperature around a small general area around it.
2. The temperature sensor is capable of reading the temperature throughout the whole phone but only gives an average Temp, rather than the true temp.
3. It actually just isn't at its best yet, and they know that we know, and are hoping this can be patched,,,,,

Idk :l
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