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Does anybody pay attention to the figures on thiae challenges? There's no point on doong any of them if the first places are walking or running more than 100 miles per day. Is it that possible? Or just cheating? Somebody from Samsung should pay attention to those issues or better just drop the idea of interaction between users. It's ridiculously obvious that people cheats, just take a look at the numbers from last month and tell me if any human being can walk or run more than 3000 miles in a month.


Hi I've read other posts on other forums about people raising concern about the figures you mention,

To be honest i am not sure if they are genuine.

without really trying I can manage 200.000 steps a month just walking about my everyday things.

I've noticed a lot of my age range tend  to do more.

Ive heard a few ways people could do it but Ive not tried as it defeats the object 

Of which is to challenge yourself get to the posts on the way of which is easy achievable,and I have titanium in my lower leg and ankle

People have mentioned that people on bicycles get further but I've still not tried as at the moment I don't have one.

At the end of the day you know how far you have walked without cheating and that should be what matters.

I do understand your a bit disappointed that it may be possible to cheat.

But it's not a security threat it's a bit of fun for yourself and your friends with the monthly challenges, I do them for myself and I do find myself doing more walking with my gear fit 2 than I did without it.


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These people are getting 200k in a day not a month. I didn't cheat and ended up with 330k for the entire month, not a day. Look at it for today. Clearly cheaters are on here.
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Yes that struck me odd, but why cheat? I'm  in the February challenge and I figure at 2 feet a step this leading the pack person in five days has to be averaging 47 miles a day; I think not and something is rotten in Denmark.

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I agree 100%. the pack leader is currently averaging 50.79 Miles a day (assuming the average of 2,000 steps in a mile). Now if you divide that by a nice brisk 3.5 miles per hour; they are walking at a brisk pace for 14.51 hours every day so far this month... President Trump is apparently in second place averaging a brisk 3.5 mph walk for 13.28 hours everyday...  0.o

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