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Font size in messages

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i can no longes incsease the txt message font size by using volume buttone on my s8 since last update. i can increase main txt size in settings, however this changes everything on my phone and words are scrambled and overwritten which is no good and the message font is still too small for me. any ideas anyone?

AndrewL Moderator
@Thewidge: I've had a look into this and it appears as though this feature has been removed in the recent update. It is still possible to adjust the font size of your overall display via Settings > Display > Font Size and Style, although I do appreciate that this is not ideal. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Thanks for replying. yes have tried the other route, however it just makes everything over written and scrambled on other apps, web pages, which in itself is poor, and the font still isnt big in my messages. This is not good for sight impaired people who still want to try and use what sight they have. Would be nice if this could be re introducdd by samsung (along with the old 3 x3 keyboard, as the qwerty keyboard is too small). Thanks for listening to my little rant

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