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One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy Note 10 is rolling out for good now AND NOT A DELAY. Seems many not interested anymore.


OXM (BTU) firmware ADB side load.

Very easy, I did factory reset after to be nice and clean start. Many are just clearing cache in recovery some not bothering.

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I've only been able to find the beta update for the international note 10 plus and not the note 10 plus 5g.

Sorry  , my bad I'm Note plus UK, reading thread at work quickly (naughty) assumed it was general Note 10/+ disscssion.

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Your alright chazey2 It is a general note 10/plus/5g chat I think. Just me and a couple of other specifically asking about the note 10plus 5g. Thanks for all your info and help.
How long can it possibly take for this to be released in the rest of the countries they announced?!?! It's been AAAAAGES since it was out in Germany..

Jumped from Huawei back to Samsung after a 4 year hiatus, are Samsung still incredibly slow to roll out their updates? 


Actually there 1 every months, and about same for apps. So no, they are not slow. The problem is that the updates barely solves the issues or add real improvements.


For example, update of the camera has been to add tooltips... but i didnt see real improvements for the camera itself. All problems like over sharpening textures, or high brightness by default, or pro mode lack of features are still there.

3Dscanner app did not improve at all.

Full firmware update did not solve many of the bugs that have been reported.



Maybe Samsung is focusing more on Android 10 now. And imho that would not be a bad thing.


OK, thanks. Hopefully the updates start rolling out here in the UK.


Is that still the case about the note 5G?


Any updates for the note10+ beta 2.0 update?

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