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Note10+ Samsung Experience service

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Hello guys,

I bought a new Note 10+ and I'm trying to connect back to my all accounts in my apps i was using in my previous Galaxy S9+.


I have a problem with Samsung Account and Samsung Experience service. I want to enable Samsung Social to create a shared album with my family in the Gallery app. I'm trying to verificate my phone number but it doesn't work 5 days now and then it says that I have reach SMS limit for a day and try again in XX hours.


I spoke with Samsung with Live Chat, email, and call and until now they didn't answer me.


Can anyone help me to fix this?


Thank you!

DannyT Moderator
Hi there, @theoyiorkas!

Sorry to hear about this. Are you still having issues?

What exactly happens when you input your phone number?


 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:

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