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Note 10 Preorder Promotion

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I currently have a Note 8 however think it's time for an upgrade to the Note 10+ however when I'm looking online I cant see any benefits in me preording the phone... I just want to buy the phone because I have a SIM only contract and dont want to trade in my current phone for trade in value.  


The US Market are getting huge benefits if they preorder the Note 10+, $150 credit to spend on Samsung accessories and with this phone having no headphone jack I could really do with some Wireless Samsung Ear Buds!!


Feel disappointed to be honest, I've been a loyal customer for years to Samsung and haven't received any promotional emails from Samsung and yet everyone in the US gets $150... Even with the Note 8, the free DeX station was worth the preorder however this time around I feel like I must be missing something?


Has anyone found any special promotional offers for the Note 10?  






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I agree that the promotions in the US are sometimes, insanely good and I'm really jelious about them. I can in this case recommend to wait for a different promotion that fits your needs better Once there is one that fits your requirements, simply go for it
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Totally understand your viewpoint on this.


Similar happened when Samsung released the Note 9.


I'm in the UK and ended up going into my local Samsung Experience Store and handing my Samsung Galaxy s8 in to get £300 taken off the cost of the Samsung Note 9 I'm using now.


Other countries like the States and Australia etc did seem to get sweeter deals.


Different Samsung countries branches so it's going to be different.


I really thought Samsung would have bundled a pair of Samsung Buds with the Note 10 phone but alas not or offered them up like they did with the Samsung Galaxy s10 sales.


Maybe we will see some introduced offers after the initial surge of sales has completed after the 23rd _ who knows.


Right now I can get £400 from Samsung if I trade in my Note 9 or I think £350 if I trade in via an Experience Store.


To be honest the Note 9 is worth alot more than that so this time around I may just hold onto my Note 9 as a back up phone.


I wont be buying until I've seen the YouTube videos etc and read the tech blogs and got my hands on the working retail demo models.


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I was hoping and still hoping Samsung UK offer something soon but it's looking unlikely.


I could be wrong but I belive the S8 got a Gear VR

Note 8: Samsung Dex Station

S9: Wireless charger

Note 9: Extra cash off

S10: Galaxy Buds

Note 10: Extra Cash Off

Basicly extra cash off if your on the upgrade program means Sweet FA and is not a bonus at all.


I was hoping they offer something like the buds as they did for the S10 since they are ditching the headphones. I am starting to wonder if I should of chosen the S series as it does seem they get treated better then the note customers and Samsung should not be treating their top 2 lines differently.


I feeling the same as well about s / note series. If it wasnt all mess huawei is in at the moment latest note 10 mess up, would make me go to huawei.  Dont know now cause apple just in similar mess with latest iOS brought back security hole.

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HI @MrBenoJacko86 


Yeah if feel off does it not? However I have to say we have to consider ourselves lucky in one sense in the UK we get to pay the price we see and not have to pay the sale's tax on top in which ever area they are in. There is nothing like the feeling of getting a freebe (though we all know nothing in life is free), it maybe worth while checking out the Samsung members app as there is currently a offer to get a 50% off code for accessories in the Samsung store. 

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Yip.. same here. I'm p****d and definitely know better for next time.. I was going to get the oneplus too but stuck with samsung as always.. kinda wish I never now. I could have got the oneplus and all the accessories and probably had change too

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