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Gps on note 10

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My GPS signal keeps dropping out. When using Google maps or Waze it drops out so much I might as well buy an A to Z. Is this a common fault or just me?

My Google maps app works fine. Could be your location. Try using someone else's phone to see if it is.
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Just  back from a trip across europe 2k miles and using Tomtom app with my note10+ without problems.

Check if you are using optimized or high performance.
I believe features like connexions/gps etc drop when you are using low performance.

GPs works fine for me with optimized setting.

Try calibrating your compass it might help.  Press your blue dot in the map. A dot which is your location where you are right now. Then a small window pops up and under in the corner theres "calibrate your compass" and finish it by doing the same as it is saying.

I have noticed that the GPS drops out a lot when using Google maps (satnav).

Driving from London to Shrewsbury and back again, it happened on a regular basis. I had the S8 before for 3 years and it hardley ever lost GPS only in very remote areas, but the Note 10+ seems to lose it ever few miles and when i got back into London it was constant.

I didn't pay too miuch mind thinking that it was just poor area signal but whilst browsing on Instagram, I saw another person had the same issue. We had a chat and it seems she had taken it back to a Samsung and with lots of back and forth, a work around was to to disable 5G and just use 3g/4g which seems to do the trick.
Not great for a flagship phone.
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